Melbourne CBD

580 Lots – 65 Storey Mixed Use Residential Property

Stellar Facilities Management provides a one-stop shop to the management of this One-of-a-kind Melbourne CBD property. The sheer size of the property presented a unique challenge on the operational level which require multi-faceted thinking on many different levels of layers


240 Lots – Commercial & Retail Space

This Commercial Gem of Docklands is one of the first commercial property to be established in this ever-growing suburb. Stellar FM provides on-site management, concierge service, and asset management to a wide variety companies & firms that calls this property home


240 Lots – Residential Property with Retails

An unconventional facility management services to an unconventional apartment complex in the Melbourne Southbank neighbourhood. Stellar FM is proudly managing this unique complex that is specifically designed to incorporate concrete, metal louvres, and a distinctive façade to create an oasis in the middle of a bustling Melbourne neighbourhood

South Melbourne

193 Lots – Residential Property

Another prominently located complex which also happens to be one of the first completed project of the urban renewal precinct of Fisherman Bend. Stellar FM is proudly managing this development which has been developed with a well-thought urban design strategy & designed to provide a seamless interaction with the backdrop of the City of Melbourne Vista


190 Lots – Residential Property

The ultimate location for inner city living, this property connects our client to the best of what Richmond has to offer in a well-appointed and elegant environment. Stellar FM provides a boutique management touch to this green-oriented development which pride itself on generosity of space and environmentally conscious designs.

St Kilda West

47 Lots – Residential Property

The property that embodies Beachside living at its finest. This classical and luxurious property sits alongside the panoramic St Kilda West beach and boost a variety of common facilities that is highly desirable. Stellar FM provides a boutique facility management service and a high-level asset management advice to our esteemed client.


126 Lots – Residential Property

A distinctive residential enclave developed by one of the top Malaysian developers which has produced many established quality properties. This property is strategically located to enjoy the views of both the Melbourne CBD skyline and an unobstructed view of the Dandenong Ranges. Stellar FM provides a close-knit caretaking service which caters to the need of our clients

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