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Established in 2019, Stellar Facility Management adopts a unique engineering approach within the facility management industry which puts us ahead in the quality of the delivery of our services to the ever-growing property market.

Our team understands the different needs of various stakeholders within each property and are committed to invest our time & effort to deliver an uncompromised quality in the management of our client’s property.

To find out how our team can add value to your property, please refer to the below list of our services.

Our Services

Facilities Management

Building Manager

Concierge & Security

Maintenance Plan Review & Implementation

Strata Capital Improvement & Project Management

Developer Consulting Service

Our Services

Our Proven Engineering Process Generates Result

Define the problem and its parameters

Specify the requirements and timeline

Product/Service research and hypothesis

Develop & test the solution

Implement & communicate the solution
(confirm hypothesis)

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