Facilities Management

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the strategic oversight of the management & day to day operation of the facility which includes routine inspections, maintenance, ad-hoc repairs, & emergency policies.

We also ensure that our client’s property is kept compliant to against all type of regulatory requirement by implementation of best-practice approaches & staying up-to-date with the continuous changes of the standard

Building Manager

The Building Manager has overall responsibility for the smooth and seamless operation of the occupancy, safety, and ongoing maintenance of the facility. Our managers are provided with rigorous training & a well-documented set of policies & manuals pertaining to the property that they are managing.

We also pride ourselves in ensuring that the front-end managers are well equipped with all the necessary support & escalation process. We believe that the attributes & personality of building manager will directly reflect into the presentation of the property which is why Stellar FM places utmost importance in the selection process of Building Manager

Concierge & Security

The Concierge acts as the main representative of the Owners Corporation and Stellar FM. They are the face of the property and what will define the clients first impression of the level of service.

Stellar FM prepares a well-groomed, knowledgeable, and approachable team of concierges/security for our clients. We provide continuous training, support, and counselling to ensure that our concierges deliver an identical service across our portfolio.

Maintenance Plan Review & Implementation

The review of the Maintenance Plan offered as part of our Facility Management service provides our client with a more realistic costing projection which allow for more accurate forward-budgeting.

Our Engineering experience & background also allows us to better understand the life-cycle of an asset. This provides us with a leading edge in the management of the asset which in turn will allow us to minimize the risk of premature expenditure & disruption to the enjoyment of the property due to machinery/equipment breakdown.

Stellar FM have also developed a LTMP tools that can be utilized to assist Owners Corporation Committees in tracking their equipment life-cycle, replacement cost, and also the overall impact to the financial health of the Owners Corporation.

Project Management

Project Management plays a crucial part in the process of asset upgrade/replacement within any Owners Corporation. More often than not, project management is the minute difference between a successful and a mismanaged project which can mean a significant difference in project cost for the stakeholders.

Stellar FM prides ourselves in our process & experience in managing a various different type of projects within the residential & commercial sector which allows us to minimize the risk of any over-budgeting, delay, and subpar delivery of upgrade/improvements.

Developer Consultancy

With the continuous increase in client’s expectation & knowledge within the industry, it is crucial for a developer to produce a close to perfect product to allow for maximised profit. Stellar FM’s experience in maintaining and operating various different type of properties allow us to highlight the latent weak-points and risks which may create future-issue for developers.

Stellar FM provides consultancy work in the early stage of developments to ensure that their vision is brought into reality which may include:
  • Facility Advice (what is practical & how it will operate)
  • Owners Corporation budgeting
  • Compliance to code (A.S & NCC)
  • Interfacing of variety of services to the end-users

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